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Occupational Therapy - EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques - Life Coaching

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Meet Tammy Ockerse

As a therapist my intention is to empathetically listen, hear and support you in your journey with compassion and kindness. I have the personal experience of a major life disruption, following a brain injury as a young woman which left me with a disability and a loss of self...


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What I can help you with

  • Assessing clients or environments to identify barriers and collaboratively goal setting to achieve wants and needs.

  • Break through self-limiting beliefs and reclaim your power and confidence.

  • Accessing and releasing negative emotions and addressing core symptoms of trauma.

  • Evidence-based stress reduction techniques to manage stress and anxiety.

  • Promoting self-love and acceptance.

  • Regulating emotions.

  • Reducing food cravings and phobias


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“Don’t worry about confidence, you are courageous.

If you lean into your courage, you will become confident” - Kris Carr

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