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Meet Tammy Ockerse

As a therapist my intention is to empathetically listen, hear and support you in your journey with compassion and kindness. I have the personal experience of a major life disruption, following a brain injury as a young woman which left me with a disability and a loss of self...


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What I can help you with

  • Assessing clients or environments to identify barriers and collaboratively goal setting to achieve wants and needs.

  • Break through self limiting beliefs and reclaim your power and confidence.

  • Accessing and releasing negative emotions and addressing core symptoms of trauma.

  • Evidence based stress reduction techniques to manage stress and anxiety.

  • Promoting self love and acceptance.

  • Regulating emotions.

  • Reducing food cravings and phobias


“I was uncertain and perhaps a bit sceptical about what EFT Tapping could do. However, Tammy helped me to understand what it means, how it works and how simple it is to apply daily or whenever needed. Tammy taught me the basic EFT tapping technique that I could apply immediately and with immediate results. It still amazes me now how effective this technique is. Tammy was patient and understanding throughout our sessions. Tammy paid special attention to my wellbeing and continued to give reassurances and validations while I progressed through our sessions together. I would like to thank Tammy for her support and helping me in unlocking some difficult experiences, working safely through these and towards a more positive closure.”

K. P.

“Tammy introduced me to EFT within the first session I was amazed at the instant shifts in perspective as well as emotion. I had unresolved grief that i buried for years after my husband passed away. Tammy guided me very gently to work through this. Through her guidance with EFT I gained new insights and feel as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Not only has these sessions addressed deep buried and unresolved pain but she has helped me to 'tap' daily from issues like being annoyed in traffic to dealing with deeper things when I need to. Tammy has positively changed my life and I'll forever be grateful for her professional guidance, patience, and kindness”. L. H.

“Thank you for the intensive EFT sessions over the last few months via video calling. I was able to find out about my relationship with my family, my abusive ex-partner and my own hidden wounds. Certain topics kept coming up again and again until they disappeared after we dealt with it in our sessions. I always felt safe and secure with you and appreciated your clarity of thought, humour and great intuition. I feel relieve and a lot of healing took place over the last few months. Thank you so much of helping me to get my emotions sorted”. R. DP.

“Don’t worry about confidence, you are courageous.

If you lean into your courage, you will become confident” - Kris Carr

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